Our constant interest in offering reliable professional services which are also efficient and appropriate has led Giagante Accounting to prioritize investment in:

  • The search for excellence of human resources regarding both human and technical quality.
  • Continuous training for all our staff.
  • Maintenance of the kind of infrastructure which allows for an optimal working environment.
  • Ongoing updating and addition of new information technology systems, as well as communication and security systems, especially in those areas which facilitate the transmission of knowledge.
  • Giagante Accounting currently employs twenty people, mostly professionals, and the firm has first class technical and technological infrastructure. We have a local, national and international network of contacts which permits the interchange of knowledge and expertise.

This translates into the possibility of offering better professional services, with the backbone of an organization designed accordingly, which permits sustainable, replicable and profitable growth without compromising the quality of said services.

The addition of Giagante Accounting to the SMS Latin America network has given the firm great impetus and has helped us in laying the foundations for this collaboration in the use of systems, procedures and standards utilized by all the auditing firms in the network.

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