Tax counseling

Our services in this area include:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax auditing
  • Constant reviews of tax compliance
  • Analysis and measurement of tax obligations in special projects, such as reorganization plans, new business, etc.
  • Tax analysis of particular situations introduced by clients, including the issue of the corresponding reports
  • Habitual and periodic services, such as tax settlement and sworn statements for individual and corporate taxpayers
  • Counseling and assistance in doing the paperwork to apply for tax exemptions
  • Taxpayers’ defense in all administrative courts, regarding national and provincial taxes
  • Representation and counseling before all state agencies of tax collection and control
  • Assistance in tax audits or inspections
  • Response to requirements, proceedings and records
  • Supplying the client with a tailored calendar of tax due dates
  • Periodic reports on the main changes in tax legislation

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