Labor and Pension counseling

The main service supplied in this area is outsourcing the payment of salaries and wages, and the corresponding social security contributions, as part of the general counseling offered to our clients in all aspects pertaining to the complex relationships of labor.

Our services in this area include:

  • Legal framework of labor relationships both for existing and future businesses
  • Auditing and assessment of the labor and pension situation of existing companies
  • Organization, updating and maintenance of the staff’s files
  • Payment of salaries and wages
  • Payment of social security contributions
  • Creation of electronic files for the payment of salaries
  • Printing of books (Law No 20.744), and processing paperwork at the Ministry of Labor to get authorization of the use of detachable sheets and their corresponding signature
  • Counseling on currently labor contracts
  • Counseling the payment of salaries, final settlements and labor agreements
  • Counseling and management of new hires, leaves and terminations of staff at the corresponding state agencies
  • Monthly reports on cost centers or departments
  • Reports for the accounting of salaries and social security contributions
  • Response to requirements and assistance in tax inspections
  • Analysis and counseling on labor relationships with directors, partners and shareholders
  • Representation and assistance before tax collection and tax control state agencies
  • Assistance in labor or pension inspections
  • Supplying the client with a tailored calendar of tax due dates
  • Periodic reports on the main changes in tax legislation

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