Corporate counseling

The choice of the type of company to develop a business is a major decision for the future of the enterprise.

This choice depends on several variables to be taken into account and adequately explained to the entrepreneurs, based on the possibilities under the current legislation.

We have staff that has specialized in this area, working in multidisciplinary collaboration, devoted to counseling as much as to the instrumentation and start up of companies in the selected type of partnerships.

We can also assist you in the case of eventual modifications to the partnership so that future needs (internal and external) can be met in the most efficient way, taking advantage of all the benefits permitted under current legislation.

Thus, our services in this area include:

  • Planning and counseling in the formation of commercial partnerships
  • Counseling, planning and start up of firm reorganization plans
  • Counseling and start up of new legal entities such as fiduciary funds, trusts, joint ventures, etc.
  • Company audits, collecting all corresponding information and in compliance with current legislation
  • Family business planning in relation to families and business relationships and characteristics
  • Counseling, planning and implementation of legal actions which are part of the evolution of companies, such as capital assignment, capital decreases and increases, modification of corporate purpose, other statute modifications, etc.
  • Multidisciplinary counseling on commercial contracts and their drafting.

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