Accounting and Bookkeeping

We understand accounting as the foundation of the company’s information system and we emphasize its use as the base for the supply of useful information in decision-making and, ultimately, as a tool that permits validating the consistency and coherence of management information provided by the different areas within a company.

Consequently, our vision of this tool largely exceeds its utilization as a mere obligation in compliance with legal or tax duties.

Thus, we assist our client companies so that this information base can be as solid as possible.
The services we provide in this area include:

  • Consulting in technical accounting
  • Planning and Accounting Plans in accordance to the particular features of the company, its activities and its information requirements
  • Outsourcing of document processing and the generation of accounting entries
  • Review of accounting procedures
  • Frequent reporting based on the needs of the company and its management, offering information on the financial position and results
  • Coordinated work with Auditing, so as to achieve more efficient accounting procedures in order to reduce the time needed for future audits, guaranteeing quality and the opportunity for information
  • Supply of reliable information to the Board of Directors at suitable times
  • Compliance with legislation regarding documents and registration

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