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- Bolsar

»  Bolsar is an undertaking of the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires, as a business center and trading of stocks, bonds and other securities.

- Buenos Aires Stock Exchange

»  Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. Investments. Financing. Pymes.

- Centro Despachantes de Aduana

»  El Centro Despachantes de Aduana de la República Argentina es una Institución creada en el año 1912 que reúne y agrupa a los Despachantes de Aduana de todo el territorio nacional.

- Interbanking

»  Multibank electronic solutions that facilitate the operation of banking and management positions in collections, payments and electronic invoicing.

- Stock Market Investment of Buenos Aires

»  A private entity incorporated as a sociedad anónima (joint stock company) whose capital is composed of publicly traded shares listed on the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange).

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